The MAX remains 23.0 with Sunday's top reading 22.1 at Phoenix Park.

The early scoring for the bonus question is confirmed with Dublin's actuals 21.7, 0.0 mm and 12.2 hours. Rikand is the new Nostradamus.

After three weeks ...

IMT on 8.24 so could be 8.3 with the Oak Park error fixed (still in the daily data). Differential is now .2 for Oak Park so .04 overall. The past week average was 11.3 (2.4 above normal). Would expect a finish around 8.5 C.

MAX 23.0 and MIN -3.4

PRC is bang on the normal pace with this past week contributing 108% of normal, almost all of it fell on the 15th at Cork and Johnstown Castle, the average for the other nine locations being only 60% (Malin Head 22%). Looks as though this coming week will push PRC back above normal eventually though.

SUN has edged up to 99% of normal with this past week at 105% (630/600). The month is likely to end near normal but could slip back a few percentage points after today where it has probably reached perhaps 103%.

-- I am off for a week of adventure beyond the reach of the internet, the week four update may appear almost at the end of the 30th with some provisional scoring likely. The May contest thread will open up today in case I am even later getting back than planned. I may have a few minutes of internet access around 28th to bump it back to page one if necessary.