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This abomination of an interior balcony thing has to be the ugliest piece of architecture Ive seen in these threads, what would possess you to ask for that?
Oh christ I have so many questions about this house!
Why are there 4 doors into the dining room?
Why are there only 3 bedrooms but 4 reception rooms? The blurb says 5 bedrooms but the plan only shows 3. Unless they're counting the 'conservatory' balcony thing as a bedroom?
Who thought those hideously ornate columns in the 'library' were a good idea?
Why are there half doors everywhere?
Why is there an exercise bike in the living room? They had so much space, just put in a gym!
Why are there no chairs at the dining table? (I count 3 against the walls)
Why are there little to no books in the 'library'?
Who would ever want a leopard print tissue box?
Why is there a tilted mirror on the bathroom ceiling?
Why are there 2 clocks in the landing?
Why does the internal joinery keep changing wood?
What is a hanging lantern smoke alarm?
Having rattan furniture in a room does not make it a conservatory. That is not a conservatory.

And finally, the front door. So much wrong. Why is it so tiny when you have a huge house? Why is there a tiny vision panel above it? Why are there urns at the front door? Why put in shutters if you can never close them because of the giant urns? Why is the welcome mat so tiny?

Hideous house. More money than style/sense.