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In the 1933 German general election, the Nazi party did not achieve a majority and had to negotiate a coalition with a smaller party to become the ruling party.

On achieving government office, their attached militaristic organisation terrorised opponents of the party and gained control of the German Presidency. The Nazi party rallies were designed to impress on the German people how great the Nazi party was for Germany without any tangible nor beneficial results for German citizens.

History is important.
Indeed History is important .... doubtful History repeats itself but there is much that can be garnered at looking at historical trends and perhaps even events.

While the human species for the most part considers itself far more advanced than 10,ooo or even 1000 years ago,I believe the underlying emotive/instinctual motivations remain the same. We "smart apes" are not so different than when we migrated out of Africa 200,000 years ago.