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so what's your thinking?
with 10 yrs experience you should be fine to get a job in a similar area over there.
it's a good skill to learn to move to a completely new place and gives you a very good perspective on your own country (Ireland in this case) actually.
Canada would I imagine be one of the easier places to integrate into as it has a history of immigration and their culture is known as pretty easy-going and friendly (in general). obviously depending on where you go the winter is going to be much colder than here! but better summers.
Of course you'd have to be the sort of person to make an effort and get to know people - join a club or something in a sport or hobby etc but all that is easy enough now with the info easily found online.
Well tbh I'm thinking my experience will stand to me. Ok I don't have degree although I do have QFA which I hope will work for me. But surely experience goes along way.
I suppose the reality is, I'm thinking am I best stay were I am and build on what I have or bite bullet and go as never have opportunity like I have especially with no overheads/responsibilities here.
At moment I'm 50/50 at minute. Also good point on the cold winter's which I know will be challenge in itself. I'm thinking going too Toronto should I go.