I'm sorry I am with Gerry on this one. The Temperature given in weather forecasts are to measure the air temperature. Factors like asphalt, concrete, are withheld as much as possible from these readings.

E.G. when you get into your car on a hot day, the temperature gauge will read many degrees hotter than it actually is. Reason being.... the car is static, the road heats up and the temperature of the road is being measured. Yesterday when I got into the car, it was reading 44C. After driving you notice that the gauge reduces gradually, after a while it reverts back to the air temperature which was 33C here yesterday.

Items retain heat and in direct sunlight you have heat building up, hence asphalt is many degrees warmer than the air temperature (black absorbs heat more readily than white).

You can have temperature differences in built up environments like towns that are micro climates. Where I live is in the countryside, I work in a small town only a few miles away. In summer, it is always a few degrees warmer in the town due to the heating of the buildings and the pavements than in the country.

Not being a smart ass, but I would have thought basic science classes in secondary school are mandatory... and all people would have known this????