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Did it earlier in the year, just got the provisional (theory test was recent enough to count) and booked the test the same day, got a date about a month/6weeks later bout L played the night before and loaded up the cattle box with 4inch blocks. Got on ok on the test and passed not much to it test wise really except checking mirrors in an obvious way and often enough for the tester.

Also has anyone actually got proof of this crack that "you need a ce license to move a digger with a tractor" I've never one seen it mentioned on any of the official paper work, be it rsa or statute docs, the sceptic in me thinks it was started as a rumour by truck hauliers getting fed up of lads undercutting them for moving diggers years ago, the same with tri axle trailers, I've never once seen it specifically written. The only real issue with tri axle trailers is the weight as there generally a big trailer that's easily overloaded.
W licence is tractor and trailer and no weight limit Once the trailer and tractor meets the regulations since Jan 2016.

Also some rule about commercial use of over 100km from your address in a tractor. But that's for commercial tractor tax not agri tractor tax.