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ME have been spot on all week. As the usual rampers have been on here chasing their tails, ME have been generating accurate forecasts. Forecasts that have not been what people wanted to hear but their job is not to please a pack of snowbunnies on a discussion board but to say it as it is. There is time enough to mention snow tomorrow if and when the chances grow to more than the current remote.

People need to grow up a little. Many are dillusional to think that they know more than a national weather service and that members of this service may change their forecasts based on what is posted by some on here. ECMWF members also have access to 06 and 18Z ECMWF model runs at 1-hr steps out to 90 hours. They have a plethora of extra parameters in all the models, many more than are available to us, plus experience, so I think they know what they're doing.
Well said.

Look, we ALL want to see snow but that shouldn't make this ramping thread become a delusional thread.

Let's face is, precipitation moving in from the Atlantic is rarely ever going to fall as snow, especially when we don't have any established cold.

It's midnight in the pit of winter and the temperature in Dublin is 6 degrees. It's forecast to reach 10 in some places tomorrow. That's on the mild side even for Ireland.

Don't bash ME for telling it as it is.