Just a brief update, it would appear that this evening's showers will be mostly confined to the western third of Ireland, and when these develop they have a tendency to move from east to west, so (this for the more novice readers out there) if you're thinking of some outside activities and wondering if you'll get wet or stay dry, have a look not to the west as you might normally do, but over to the east or northeast for any approaching showers. One or two of them could be thundery by the looks of the radar.

From this evening to the weekend, see the above forecast, nothing much has changed on more recent forecast runs. The weekend is looking very interesting from the weather point of view, with very warm and humid air moving north out of France towards southern England, and deep low pressure developing south of Ireland and moving across the country on Saturday. This would suggest development of a strong frontal system with lots of energy for thunderstorms to form (on Saturday afternoon and evening) to be followed by more unstable and possibly thundery weather on Sunday. Stay tuned then.