Hi whackadoodle, Im starting my study in earnest on Monday too. I plan to hack through practise test 3 from Acer. Im hoping to get enough points in March but with only 20 weeks to study and two small kids underfoot Im thinking next September more likely for a passing mark.

I have very little science background, and I defintely wont do a classroom based course. I think they are way too overpriced and probably wont tell much we dont know. I feel the skills needed will be honed from practise questions.

I have the GAMSAT gold book and its ok for skimming through the science material, Im using science books from local library and khan academy. I think I will be ok on the biology but I havent studied chemistry before. I work in health but my degree wasnt health or science based. I have a shelf full of philosophy, sociology, economics and english lit at home that I think will help with sec 2. Section 1 will probably be my strong point and I dont plan on studying for that.

20 weeks doesnt seem like enough! I only have a couple of hours a day. So Im digging into basic chemistry.

Registered and paid the fee for the exam today to give myself a bit of a kick in the bum to study! Feel free to pm me for exchanging study ideas/books/notes etc - Im Dublin based.