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actually it does

Everyone expected Russia to back Iran in this. But they haven't in fact they have gone so far as to say Iran should not expect their Support. They have all but out and out given support for the US in this.

Russia and Iran are not friends. Russia has long hated Iran for supporting terrorist networks all throughout the middle east.

Iran has been involved in the Syrian civil war. Russian intervention in the Syrian civil war happened in 2015 and they have been there ever since.

So in a way ...Iran and Russia are already fighting each other.

Russia has been WAAY more involved in Syria than even Israel. Israel's official position is neutrality in the Syrian conflict. Russia has been trying to get them involved more for a long time.

This is totally Russia's style ..and it would benefit them.
So if it’s not Dallas oilmen it’s the Russians. And the Russians gain what from this? Nothing.

Where are the crazies coming from?