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I took an interest in Yiddish recently, it was always something I was aware of but never knew anything about beyond it being a language of european jews and a few songs I heard years ago (and as I found out later, from The Simpsons!), but since I started looking up a bit about it I have been fascinated by it. Then I saw an article on RTE today about the Jewish Museum in Dublin and thought it would be interesting to find out if anyone spoke Yiddish in Ireland? I assumed at first they would speak Hebrew and English, some possibly Irish but then I read that there was a large influx of Russian jewish immigrants at one point and would it be correct to assume their language was Yiddish? If anyone knows anything about this topic I would love to hear it!
It's many years since I was in the Jewish Museum. I got there a pamphlet on the Yiddish language in Ireland. One very interesting fact in it: James Connolly stood in Dublin Corporation elections in 1904, and printed some election literature in Yiddish. It also referred to a Jewish couple from Ireland holidaying on the continent in the thirties, meeting a Jewish couple from another country, and being unable to communicate until they all realised that they could do so in Yiddish. If you want to hear Yiddish today you'd better go to New York.