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To me, boards.ie is priceless. But to a tycoon, boards.ie is worth very little and in order to transform it into a profitable business the site itself would change drastically into something that the majority of us may hate!
... and then you would all leave and its "value" would drop like a stone.

Boards is like smoke, its there you can see it but if you try and grab it, it evades you and moves somewhere else.

Also, if we sell it then the mods and miniadmins wouldnt do what they do (which is a LOT) and the place falls apart. And you all leave and its "value" drops like a stone.

Its the reason noone has sued us for the site too. They get the site and a bunch of people who then hate their guts. And its "value" drops like a stone.

On the other hand, with a little work and some inobtrusive commercialisation (like a shop we are planning etc) and some affiliate deals (like we are planning) we could make this a self perpetuating centre to the Irish internet. Which would be a really cool social experiment as well as potentially earn us a few bucks back from the 5 year set up costs. And its "value" continues to grow .... but we've seen that that value is ethereal and not actually "worth" anything in the long run.

So we find ourselves in a pleasant quandry, at the head of a site we have little control over either in monetary or content terms. Fun isnt it!
We cant make vast sums of money from it, though we all agree its got a high value and we cant really control where it goes beyond bolting extra bits on and expanding as we have been doing. To what end?

Well thats the interesting part isnt it. We don't know. 10 years from now everyone in Ireland might be on Boards. Certainly its expansion rate over the last few years would indicate that thats not all that unlikely. We could be powerful people but that isnt/wasnt our goal. I guess we are geeks, poking this with a stick and seeing where it leads us. In the last 5 years its led me to some very interesting places. I look forward to the next 5.

Oh, and you are wrong. We were offered about 750,000 USD for the site back in the CrAzY DaYs of Dot Coms and we didnt entertain the offer. Its "worth" a lot more to us and I suspect, to a lot of the others here.