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Ubbquittious 23-07-2020 23:53

Would you buy a Superyacht?
If you picked up the 49.5 million or made it big as a YouTuber(tm) or you sold your cloud-based startup to Jeff Bezos for a few 100m, would you be tempted?

It's in vogue these days to pretend you're bothered about the fact that they burn a fair drop o'daysul but after you park your Tesla Model whatever at the airport and hop on a plane nobody really has a clue where you're gone and if you're cruising around the med or some other place in a superyacht they won't know.

Just from looking at Marinetraffic I get the impression a lot of superyacht owners just go around in circles on in med and hang around the usual party haunts and posh spots. Was watching a documentary a while back about some English dood who already had a yacht that was quite super and he was commissioning a brand new one for about 50 mil because he felt he was growing out of the old one. This kind of craic wouldn't really interest me but I wouldn't mind a smaller boat with plenty of range for visiting places in the absolute backarse of nowhere.

Tis crazy the amount of money you can spend on these yokes if you want. An entire euromillions jackpot just for one boat if you want plus all the running costs

Obese Man 23-07-2020 23:55


Originally Posted by Ubbquittious (Post 114119639)
If you picked up the 49.5 million or made it big as a YouTuber(tm) or you sold your cloud-based startup to Jeff Bezos for a few 100m, would you be tempted?

The lot. Super yacht. Coke. Hookers.

Feisar 23-07-2020 23:59

Nah, I genuinely wouldn't have the interest in it.

Edit - I'm lucky my dream commercial items are really very achievable.

Atlantic Dawn 24-07-2020 00:01

They cost so much money initially, you then have to factor in a running cost of circa 10% of the initial cost per year to run them. Would be far cheaper to rent one for the few weeks a year you would use them.

CBear1993 24-07-2020 00:04

You’d wonder does dan bilzerian ever get bad days. Sick of the drugs, endless prozzies and high roller life.

Can’t be all it looks like over social media. Had heard he came from a rich family.

A Tyrant Named Miltiades! 24-07-2020 00:06

I'd just buy a regular yacht. I'd call it something classy for sure, like 'Dirty Oar' or 'How Nauti'. Then I'd make everyone call me Captain, or Admiral or something, even my own family. They'd get sick of me after a while, but they'd have to feel sorry for me because of my fake wooden leg and years spent guarding the lake.

KissMeArse 24-07-2020 00:10

Nope, I wouldn't even buy a normal small boat if I had the money. A fella I used to work with who had a boat once told me having a boat was like standing under a cold shower slipping $50 notes down the drain

Atlantic Dawn 24-07-2020 00:11

Most of the superyachts are registered in Cayman Islands (George Town) through various tax loopholes, you will have to look very hard to find any registered in the home country of any rich 'owner'.

Rhys Essien 24-07-2020 00:16

There was two of them in Cork harbour last summer, one called ‘Air’ worth €100m and the other was ‘Le Grand Bleu’ worth €150m. You’d have to be in the Billionaire club to keep them running.

Something small for around €5m would do me.:D

afatbollix 24-07-2020 00:20

You have two good days when you have a boat

The day you bought it


The day you sell it

Ubbquittious 24-07-2020 00:29


Originally Posted by afatbollix (Post 114119810)
You have two good days when you have a boat

The day you bought it


The day you sell it

You saying all the mad alcohol fuelled sex parties in between are no good? :eek:

Gretas Gonna Get Ya! 24-07-2020 06:27

I read recently, that the winner of the Jamaican lottery wanted to hide their identity (good idea in a country as violent as Jamaica tbh), so they decided to collect their winnings dressed as Darth Vader! :D

How many people own a full Darth Vader costume? :P

I'd like to think I'd be a bit smarter than that guy... so no Darth Vader costumes and no yachts either. I'll go under the radar and avoid drawing attention to my new found wealth. (So yeah I'll buy a submarine rather than a yacht!:pac:)

Oranage2 24-07-2020 06:42

Some really nice boats for 500k and under, and you wouldn't need crew to man it.

Or you could charter a 4 bedroom super yacht for 50k a day fully crewed, so a week would be like 350k

Much cheaper than buying one and paying Harbour fees, staff salaries, maintance fees, insurance etc

Eggs For Dinner 24-07-2020 07:09

Nice 2 berth speedboat for coastal use would do me nicely. Hug the coast, pull in to a random harbour, go ashore for a feed and some pints, then watch the stars from the deck before bed.

Gruffalux 24-07-2020 07:11

Yachts are the least attractive of ostentatious items. I was in a place a few years ago where loads of fancy yachts berth and as I walked along checking them out I was "meh", "blech", "nah", "uh uh", absolutely zero to covet in the big uncomfortable plastic lumps.

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