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Strokesfan 20-05-2007 20:18

Latest Purchases - Read mod note in post #1
Heya, I thought it might be an idea for all you fashionable gals and fellas to post your latest purchases, please post pics or describe your latest purchases!

Mod note 27/08/11: Please only quote pictures that you are asking about rather than quoting a whole set of pictures to ask about one item.

Please do not quote a picture just to say that you like the item. This is what the Thanks button is for.

Please state where you got the item and include a link if you bought the item online.

Thanks. :)

Femelade 21-05-2007 16:42

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bought these two dresses on ebay last week.

Stargal 21-05-2007 16:50

Since I'm completely broke and haven't been able to buy new clothes for ages (:( , it sucks!), I'll just throw up opinions on what everyone else has bought. Warning: expect extreme jealousy in the following post...

I love those dresses Femmy, especially the purple one, it's gorgeous. Strokesfan, those red shoes are excellent; I'm not crazy about the wedge heel but they just look so pretty. Skull scarf is also great, plus Monsoon stuff is v pretty and summery.


I hate being broke...

The_Dazzler 21-05-2007 16:53

Shopping in Topman.
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For strolling around New York!:D

dudara 21-05-2007 18:37

I got a lime green tunic top in wallis recently

I also bought two pairs of shoes in New Look, a lovely pair of heels for work and a really tall pair of cork wedges.

FX Meister 21-05-2007 18:48


Originally Posted by The_Dazzler
For strolling around New York!:D

Seriously? It looks like you raided your sisters wardrobe. No offence dude.

colm-ccfc84 21-05-2007 19:08
This is me wearing my latest purchase. It is a D&G t-shirt, got it in Brown Thomas in Cork.

My next purchase will probably be this Gucci ring:

rainbow kirby 21-05-2007 21:30
Got this in Zara to wear for a wedding that's in a couple of weeks time, have some linen trousers to go with it and now I need to go buy shoes when I get paid again.

The_Dazzler 21-05-2007 21:46


Originally Posted by FX Meister
Seriously? It looks like you raided your sisters wardrobe. No offence dude.

Extracting the urine dude.I would wear them individually but not all

Bateman 21-05-2007 22:28

*Angel* 21-05-2007 22:54


Originally Posted by Femmy
bought these two dresses on ebay last week.

The purple dress is gorgeous, I love the floatiness of it!

CathyMoran 21-05-2007 23:33

Bought this for my sister in law's wedding in Portugal in July:

This dress for the civil ceremony (which was today) of my brother in law:

Got both of these last week from Promod online.

Piste 21-05-2007 23:50

I got these shoes last week! Absolutely Dotey so they are.

I also got a blue dress and a red top in pics that I can find though.

I got a nice dress in River Island too, it's very short (I just wear it over jeans) and it's a pale cream with blue and green flowers on it. There are pics on the river isl nd website but I'm not able to copy and paste them, ye'll just have to take my word for it that it's lovely!

Malteaser! 22-05-2007 00:03

I'm so jealous of all you people being able to afford all these lovely clothes and the likes!!

*stupid loans, draining all my goddamn money!!!*

HardyEustace 22-05-2007 00:09


Originally Posted by Femmy
bought these two dresses on ebay last week.

Would be interested to know some details on the grey dress-
1. who was the seller?
2. what was the cost?

Its a really beautiful dress! Good buy!

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