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Pappa Dolla 03-03-2020 22:03

Ireland civil war book recommendations
Hi all,

With the centenary coming up, I realised I don't really know anything much about the civil war. Would you have any recommendations?

Many thanks,
Pappa D

riffmongous 04-03-2020 10:26

Hm afraid it's been so long since I've read any general books on it I can't really recommend anything.. but maybe a few quick questions might help others or remind me of something

How is your War of Independence knowledge? Would a book that covers both be better

Only national or also local? I quite enjoyed "Kilkenny in times of revolution" if you live nearby, although the Civil War section is small enough

Military/political, personal account/overview?

Ascendant 04-03-2020 13:59

Michael Hopkinson's Green Against Green is a pretty good, comprehensive overview.

For a more personal approach, I enjoyed Meda Ryan's book on Liam Lynch.

And then you get the memoirs, Todd Andrews' and Padraig O'Connor's being my favourites - and since they were on opposite sides, you get the different POVs.

Pappa Dolla 04-03-2020 20:08

My war of Independence knowledge would also be abysmal!thank you for the recommendations

Ascendant 13-03-2020 14:38

Almost forgot to include Seán Enright's book, which takes a legalistic - though no less dangerous - look at the CW.

Randy Archer 31-03-2020 21:03

Earnie O’Malley’s books would be useful, he is one of the few who wrote books and dealt with it , he was also one of the more fervent anti truce men

Agree with the above on Hopkins civil war book and would also suggest his book on the Tan War as it might open people’s eyes as to how quiet many counties were In that war and see the stark contrast with the civil war .

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