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Fat Christy 01-10-2015 11:27

I'm grateful for.....
I thought this was the right place for a gratitude thread. :) I guess I'll start already. I'm grateful for:

- Life. I'm glad to be here. Sometimes it's rough but the rough patches are worth it because when it's great it's really great. <3

- My family. My beautiful sisters. My cousins. My aunts. My uncles. My stepdad.

- My deceased relatives who meant a lot to me. I'm glad for the time I got to spend with them.

- My wonderful friends. When you go through tough times you quickly realise who these people are. The laughter and joy my friends have brought into my life is immeasurable. The support I had from them when I was going through absolute hell was just phenomenal. I will always feel indebted to them for that.

- My health. Being able to hear, see, smell, taste and touch. Being able to get of bed in the morning. Being able to exercise and play sports.

- My housemates. I've lived with some nuts, it's so nice to have nice housemates. I love being able to come home and just chill in the communal areas of the house instead of being stuck in my room avoiding the people I live with.

- The adorable doggy that I live with. <3 He's brought a lot of sunshine into my life.

- Being able to support myself. I may not be rolling in it but I get by.

- Being able to drive and get from A to B.

When I think of more I'll put them up. There's so many things in life to be grateful for.

Happy Thursday beautiful people. Tell me what you're grateful for. :)

OldNotWIse 06-10-2015 16:30

My parents - two best people in the world. Supportive, non-judgmental, loving and kind, don't try to live their dreams vicariously through their children, and as I've got older have become more like friends.

My dog - sometimes (usually) coming home to her is the best part of the day

My job - may not always like it, but a guaranteed wage means I can do so much - pay my college fees, help my parents with their mortgage, and even though I am not loaded, being able to buy a cheapy bottle of wine on a Tuesday just for the sake of it, or a toy for my dog, without having to be accountable for it - the freedom of having choices I guess.

My few close friends - worth more than a million acquaintances

My health! I can see, hear, walk around unaided. A privilege denied to many.


XplaygirlX 18-10-2015 17:33

My amazing parents, my amazing husband and my son :)

Day Lewin 18-10-2015 17:37

I'm grateful for...

my happy marriage to a kind, devoted husband.
my healthy intelligent grownup children.
the lovely county I live in, with seaside walks and hills to climb.
Good neighbours that are cheerful and obliging without being intrusive.
Having a home of our own and plenty to eat.
The internet.

XplaygirlX 20-10-2015 04:24


Originally Posted by katemarch
The internet.

I wouldn't be able to function without it :D

Lumps Bumps n Blues 24-10-2015 11:01

The hedgehogs that come in the middle of the night to feast on the cat food I leave for them outside the front door. My pets. Nature.

My five senses, all in working order, to be able to enjoy what's around me.

Lumps Bumps n Blues 24-10-2015 11:04

A roof over my head; a warm, comfortable bed; food on the table and enough money to pay my bills; living in a part of the world that is not at war.

cadesin 27-10-2015 21:45

Great friends.

Menas 20-11-2015 09:29

I am grateful to be me. I am far from perfect, but been me is still pretty deadly. Grateful and lucky.

leahyl 24-11-2015 15:04

I am grateful for:
- Friends
- having a job
- yummy food :)
- family
- Christmas
- snow :pac:
- my bed
- having a home
- living in a peaceful country (well, when you look at other countries around the world!)
- music
- my generally good physical health :)

kfallon 30-11-2015 08:29

I am grateful for waking up every morning! Gonna be a sad morning (for me anyway) when I don't!!!

Tigger99 01-12-2015 22:14

For my friends, new, old and ancient :D They are epic.

For my job that allows me so much travelling

The wonderful Internet.

That I always have such good sleep and a safe warm place to live. Its something I'll never take for granted.

A sense of peace.

Amazingfun 01-12-2015 22:20

Just today I was "counting my blessings" and in a bit of awe at how lucky I/we are to live to an age where things make sense in a way they didn't years before. Not maturity so much as grace, suddenly I just "got it". Too many don't get the chance for things to be revealed.
Sounds weird but I just felt this big burst of gratitude, gave a bit of a buzz that hasn't worn off :)

paulmurphyvec 22-02-2016 10:39

I am grateful for my family and friends.

Jesus Wept 23-02-2016 21:12

Right now, coco pops.

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