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Kevplunkett 31-08-2019 20:11

Churches in the famine period.
Hello and thank you very much for reading. I know that Saint Kevin's Church in Laragh near to Glendalough in County Wicklow was built during the famine. I just did not know if there were any other churches built in Ireland during this period. Thank you very much once again.

pedroeibar1 02-09-2019 10:48

After Catholic Emancipation there was a fundraising drive to build churches and several were commenced. Given the poverty of the people a decade would not have been enough to fund a big project. Then the calamity of the Famine occurred; it had a huge impact on cashflow. For example work was stopped on the cathedral being built in Killarney and did not recommence until after the Famine.

But not all church building stopped; Peel, to get the RC Church on side (and thereby the RC population) increased the annual grant to Maynooth in 1845 and that cash allowed building work there to continue during the Famine.

I’m not an expert in the area but I’d say very few that were under construction c 1845 were finished by 1850. I’ve always understood that it was in the decades after the Famine that most (particularly rural) churches were built, often assisted by money coming into the communities sent by relatives who had emigrated during and post Famine.

Peregrinus 03-09-2019 03:20

What Pedro said. Plus, I think many churches that might have been built between 1829 and the famine years were pretty basic structures, and were replaced in the second half of the nineteenth century, so not a lot would survive.

Quantum Erasure 03-09-2019 04:31

I know the * Immaculate Heart of Mary church on the North Quays in Dublin, pretty much opposite the Famine Memorial was built about a decade after the famine, i only know this because there are some good photos of it online

mikemac2 03-09-2019 04:50

Those photos are of the Immaculate Heart of Mary church on City Quay

The Laurence O’Toole church is by Sherriff St and Seville Place on the northside

Quantum Erasure 03-09-2019 04:54


Originally Posted by mikemac2 (Post 111156725)
Those photos are of the Immaculate Heart of Mary church on City Quay

The Laurence O’Toole church is by Sherriff St and Seville Place on the northside

your right, i had the wrong text copied before i pasted...

Corruptedmorals 03-09-2019 06:04

Altar Church, Teampol na mBocht in Toormore, West Cork was built in 1847 as relief work. It's Church of Ireland and a very stark plain building. Beautiful location.

Kevplunkett 04-09-2019 20:05

Thank you very sincerely to Everyone who wrote with information: All of it was very interesting and informative. I have visited Glendalough a few times (I am an American) and went to mass one time at Saint Kevin's Church one morning and found it very interesting and impressive and poignant that the church was actually built during the famine period. Thank Everyone Very Much Once Again. Have a peaceful day.

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