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  1. Mr Bumble
    04-02-2020 19:21
    Mr Bumble
    Can you please review the contribution of Thragor to the climate debate thread. Constant and irrational belittling, constant scorn. I'm trying hard to avoid responding in kind.
  2. ShowMeTheCash
    02-09-2017 11:07
    I posted
    In the building reg and legislation section could you please move it to the construction and planing section?
    As it really is just a planning discussion.
  3. mrskinner
    31-08-2016 18:39
    Hi Docarch. I want to delete my forecast in the September weather forecast. I had thought I would be able to edit my entry when I go to fine tune later. Will you please delete this entry as I would like to submit a better thought out entry?
    15-01-2016 05:59
    Hi summereire. I cannot move your post/thread to the construction forum. You need to contact/PM a moderator in the forum you posted in to move the thread. DOCARCH
  5. summereire
    14-01-2016 19:14
    Hi, I think this may have been better placed in the construction forum- is it possible to move it or should I repost? Thanks!
  6. Calahonda52
    19-03-2015 20:31
    FYI, Increased home improvement grants from SEAI from 1st March

    You may deem it worth posting.
    Rgds C52
    20-03-2014 14:15
    Hi Superdaddy. Posts are edited as mods see fit. I personally have edited 4sticks posts in the are not being singled out. The initial thread you started did derail, for various reasons (which was not helped by you bringing off topic and referencing a court case...which had absolutely nothing to do with your query), but, hopefully your second thread on the same topic stays on track. The reason I edited your initial post in the new thread is that you simply cannot ask individual posters to is a public forum. You might not like what they have to say, but at the end of the day, in one way or another, they are trying help/advise you.
  8. Superdaddy
    20-03-2014 08:42
    I received a pm informing me that 4sticks used to be a moderator on boards. Is this correct? I was also informed that he is an architect and is against self building which is why he is being so obnoxious. He is once again attempting to derail my thread and take it off topic. But you see fit to edit my posts and not his. Is he untouchable?

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