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  1. SMI
    29-06-2017 17:39

    Just looking for mod permission to post the following in the Psychology forum;

    "Any mental healthcare professionals available for a short product research survey for an emotional intelligence/'mood logging' app? It's a part of an assessment for a digital design course I'm taking...purely conceptual for the moment."
  2. rgossip30
    30-01-2017 15:17
    I guess I better ask permission before posting this or is there a category more suitable ..

    Strict Muslims pray 5 times a day

    How does strict adherence to Islam effect one mental health .
  3. coolemon
    01-04-2014 18:07
    Cheers JC thanks for that comment. I think those on the forum are a particular 'type' of cyclist from perhaps a particular social background. Every second cyclist goes through red lights and you'd swear it were something controversial the responses you get on there.
  4. nikinova
    02-02-2014 14:57
    Hello JuliusCaesar,

    You very kindly answered a post I had in the psychology forum. Many thanks for your kind advice there. I hope you do not mind me asking you for a tiny bit of advice?

    I have been diagnosed with BPD -My head is telling me to jump ship from CMHT in Donegal - but my fear is that it will take a long time to get to see someone in Dublin. I am a teacher in Dublin, have just moved, have no Doctor here....

    Sorry for the rambling email. My question at the end of this is - is it difficult to get a referral from one CMHT to another,but is it a seamless move? Also, I have researching psychologists who are trained in DBT, cluainmhuire looks like the perfect place but I am not in the catchment area sorry my message is a bit of a ramble, I would appreciate any advice, only if you have time to give...And, honestly, I will not keep emailing you, I promise.
    Kind Regards
  5. Sulla Felix
    18-09-2012 21:10
    Sulla Felix
    Gathering all the Romans to your side, hmm? I should never have spared Marius' nephew!
  6. Cicero
    23-06-2011 22:46
    Off to Macedonia soon...think the break will do me good.
  7. Cicero
    22-06-2011 21:35
    Be sure to tell me if that Mark Antony person is is liable to lose one's head when he's in town.
  8. Pherekydes
    05-09-2010 20:01
    Hail Gaius! Can I call you Gaius? I Have accepted your friend request. However, I am suspicious of that Pompey chap. I think that he and some other rabblerousers have it in for you. Beware the Ides of March. Regards Pherekydes.
  9. Pompey Magnus
    05-09-2010 19:47
    Pompey Magnus
    "Dear Pompey Magnus, JuliusCaesar has requested that you become friends."

    I lol'd

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