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  1. Medusa22
    06-12-2015 19:56
    Oh you'll make me blush, the lighting was very flattering that day and they took a photo on my good side!
  2. Medusa22
    06-12-2015 19:43
    Hello there!
  3. addicted to caffeine
    30-08-2015 02:40
    addicted to caffeine
    yeah it was quick not the most thought out of decisions but good to be back
  4. addicted to caffeine
    30-08-2015 02:24
    addicted to caffeine
    I am indeed
  5. writer_lady170
    26-04-2015 20:04
    can you clear your inbox
  6. Muise...
    31-12-2013 15:25
    enough with the thread-hogging smithery!
    No, not me, I was spending warm summer days indoors.
  7. toyotaavensis
    21-12-2013 03:29
    there is a sound russian lad called nick used be based in wilton but in middleton now. He does a lot of restoration work and is an excellent mechanic
    is his website from when he was in wilton. It includes his phone number.
  8. midlandsmissus
    15-12-2012 11:58
    Hey! Just thought you sounded nice on the ladieslounge thread .
  9. cantdecide
    17-06-2011 20:30
    I certainly am a man. That's what it says on my birth cert!

    They're probably unrelated problems but not necessarily. Do you have a sunroof? It wouldn't be unusual for the sunroof to leak into the A-frames by the front windscreen and down to the floor. Otherwise, it could be a blocked drain elsewhere in the car. I know VWs often accumulate water in the windscreen drains after the outlets get clogged with gloop. Look at this too...

    I think there's a chance your leak may have have caused the fan prob but I wouldn't bet on it. Sometimes, if water is present, simple electronics like these can come right after they dry out. If not, I'm sure it's a cheap part and readily available from breakers. This is all minor stuff, really. I think you need to give your Denis a clip round the ear, fill him up with tea and send him to day a hard days work for a change
  10. maameeo
    17-06-2011 12:51
    your a man, you know stuff and **** like that...
    my car, floor on left side has puddles in it, seats and roof are dry! and also the front window fan/demister/whatever isnt working from 1-4 but 5 works.
    usually they all work.
    waah :/

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