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  1. RobiePAX
    19-09-2018 20:16
    No problem. If there will be any issues, let me know
  2. byhookorbycrook
    16-09-2018 22:19
    Thanks so much, appreciate your help ,
  3. RobiePAX
    16-09-2018 21:06
    Ignore click and collect. Just come to store and get it there. I'll message you tomorrow in Carlow has it in stock.
  4. Ave Sodalis
    25-05-2014 16:57
    Ave Sodalis
    Ah yes, that could be a problem! That's fine, hopefully he'll find a suitable (and slightly larger) horse!
  5. Morf
    24-01-2014 01:58
    Had a few issues earlier. New posts appearing in the middle of threads. Continuation of issues yesterday? Didn't see anything on twitter from boards account.
  6. dr.bollocko
    18-09-2013 19:04
    "A bit stern" they called me.

    I've been called worse!
  7. byhookorbycrook
    01-12-2012 13:23
    Not wishing to undermine another teacher, but what is she doing to engage him?Would she agree that if he does the classwork he could move on to work of his choosing-not more of the same?EA kids can coast through primary but get a right shock when they hit secondary and suddenly don't know the answers and then sadly, opt out or not reach even some of his potential. I'd ask to meet her again -with him to work out a strategy, he will buy into more if he is part of the plan.
    I'd let him do the CTYI assessment anyhow, it costs about €45 and even if he never did any of the classes it's "proof" of his abilty.
  8. Big Bag of Chips
    01-12-2012 12:12
    Big Bag of Chips
    You did - and I haven't done anything yet. I don't know why I'm so hesitant, but I'm just not convinved that he is EA!

    Don't get my wrong - he is incredibly bright. Even the teacher (who he does nothing for!) commented on how intelligent he is, but said there's no point being intelligent, if he doesn't do any work. She said he'll start falling behind, but I know he won't. Not at this stage anyway.

    Maybe a few years down the line, he will - but maybe by then he'll show more interested, because he WILL be learning new things. Whereas now, he knows it.

    For example - they are doing 10s and units at the minute, and adding numbers like 13 + 25 (nothing that needs you to 'carry the one'. So the other night I showed him one - I just wrote it out say 75+16 - and before I could even explain how to do it, he wrote down the answer and explained it to me.

    I asked had he learned that in school yet - and he said "No - but it's easy". So I think 2nd class are doing them, and he's listening in?
  9. Toto Wolfcastle
    30-06-2011 18:15
    Toto Wolfcastle
    Thanks, she sent me a PM too but I've only just seen it.

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