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  1. aligator_am
    04-08-2017 18:48
    Hi Steven,

    No worries, pop me a message if you need the IT stuff done, hope it all works out well for you.

    Apologies for not replying sooner, there's something odd going on with Boards, it's not sending me any notifications when you message me on here.

    If you mail me on it should hopefully come directly through to me.

  2. Canonfan
    24-07-2017 11:46
    Hi Alan,

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Will contact you once I need IT work done, now still searching for a place in city centre. Rent is high but that's where all the Chinese kids (my target audiences) are based.

    Keep in touch.

  3. aligator_am
    23-07-2017 20:19
    Hi Steven,

    I'm not certain but I think the owner of the Hollywood Academy was also involved in the building trade, so when the crash hit I think it flattened him and the school shut down, I'm open to correction on this though.

    I only ever worked on the computer / IT side of things so haven't a clue about dancing although I think rents are extremely high in Dublin City centre.

    Are you looking to start up a new dance studio or join an already existing one?

    If you need any help with a web site or promotion of Facebook then let me know, I could likely help on that front.

    Let me know how you get on and best of luck
  4. Canonfan
    18-07-2017 17:36
    Hi there,

    I was doing some search on Google then found this thread...

    Basically i live in Dublin and currently looking for a dancing studio to start my own business, i was wondering what happened to Hollywood Academy, it looks like closed for long time.

    Thank you for your time.