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Conversation Between Blade and Demosthenese
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  1. Demosthenese
    16-02-2014 11:01
    I really can't see any dealer wanting anything from the "Dublin Mint Office", but there's a coin fair on at the RDS next weekend 22/23rd if you want to try your luck there. Another option would be to flog them on Adverts like others are doing.

    Hey mate, thanks for replying to me there - i do not seem to be able to personally message you? not sure why.

    Can you elaborate on this a little please ... i understand that the Dublin Mint Office is not a reputable company to many no boards from what i've read, but does that mean that these coins my Dad has are worthless??? He has spent a good bit of money on them i am surprised that they cannot be sold or appraised somewhere that could deal with them? I know some are memorabilia coins etc, but there are a few minted coins, silver etc which is surely worth something? What are his options? Advertising them on Adverts seems a little light to me?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.