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Conversation Between Artane2002 and sryanbruen
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  1. sryanbruen
    10-06-2018 17:07
    I'm posting this here as a visitor message.

    This chart shows Dublin Airport's August monthly sunshine totals for every August in its records (1942 to 2017). There's only a few really sunny ones in the pack and I have named the years on the chart below.

    Everybody's perception is that Augusts have gotten worse in Ireland in modern times and there's been a lack of decent Augusts. The problem with "decent" is that opinions differ on the term. A decent August to me is a very sunny and dry or rather sunny and warm one.
    So the last decent August to me was 2016 and the last "brilliant" August going by stats here to me was 2010. It was a very bad month in England and Wales but in Dublin's case, it was a very sunny month with some relatively warm days but cool nights. The cool nights was a great teaser for what was afoot later on down the line.