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Conversation Between Manach and BalcombeSt4
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  1. BalcombeSt4
    30-01-2018 04:11
    Please do not post on thread again, as this is now being derailed off topic and into personal sniping.
    "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it."-

    Why not aim the same warning at pedrobear or Del Monte? I wanted to keep on topic, I wanted to debate peoples views on the topic. Not one person, would bring themselves to debate me as they knew I was read on the subject by by people like Aaron Edwards, Tim Pat, Ed Moloney, Jack Holland, Henry McDonald, Anthony McCintyre, Tommy McKeacereny etc... The thread was not deraied by me at all, it was pedro who started with personal insults implying I'm dyslexic which I am. I get it pedrobeiar is one of your boys and you look after which is why you never gave him a warning because your're mates and you'd rather get rid of the foreign wich is me. .