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Standing Charge Low Usage for the last 12 months

19.05.2021 15:30 #1
Registered User
Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if someone can help me. I moved in my house last year and in that time i've been paying my electric and gas through direct debit.

I'll hold up my hand and say i've not been submitting meter readings until i received a letter saying its been 12 months. So i checked today and see that my actual usage is far higher than the estimated.

I assumed since i was being charged 50-70 euro per bill it was estimated close to the actual but i've been paying a Low usage charge for a number of months when i think i shouldn't have been. It was estimating 29 units for 2 months when i was using far higher.

If i submit a meter reading will i get a large bill next month even though i've been paying the low usage charge?

Can this be fixed?
Last edited by Kenno90: 19.05.2021 at 15:39.
19.05.2021 16:01 #2
Hi Kenno90,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Can you please private message us the following details: 

[*]Your full name

[*]Your account number

[*]The first line of your address

[*]Your contact number

[*]Confirmation you are the account holder (Yes/No)

Can you also please send us your up-to-date meter reading so we can check this for you.

Kind regards,
20.05.2021 13:04 #3
Registered User
PM sent to Glenn
1 thank
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