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365 online outside of Ireland with new verification system

17.05.2021 23:01 #1
We have a family member in the UK who is seriously ill, and are planning a visit in the next few weeks, but I want to make sure that we will still be able to access our bank accounts via either mobile phone or using the browser interface while there. My concern is that with the new verification system that is now in place, effectively the web interface can't be used if there is no connection to a mobile phone, so I need to make sure that I know what the connection requirements are when in the UK, and find out (for example) does the mobile require roaming data on the mobile network, or WiFi access, or both, to facilitate the validation process, and are the requrements different for second level validation when compared to using the mobile only to process transactions?

My concern is that while we've in theory planned for only a one week visit, that may change while we are there, and the length of the stay could be extended, depending on the situation when we get there.

In the same vein, it is necessary to advise the system that we are travelling in the UK, and if the date of return changes, can that information be easily updated on line via either the browser or using the mobile application, as we will for sure need to use things like debit cards to make some payments while we are away.

If we run into problems with the online system, is there an international call number to ring back in to get support?

All of the above was never an issue, but given the unstable state of both mobile and web browsing over the last few months, I'm concerned that we could find ourselves in trouble trying to access the system in the event of changes to our plans.
18.05.2021 09:42 #2
Hi Irish Steve, thanks for your post on 

I'm very sorry to hear about your family members illness. 

Once you have internet connection, or roaming data on your mobile phone, you should be able to connect and log in to your Banking 365 Mobile App. If you have any difficulties with your app while you're away you can certainly contact our Customer Service Desk on 00353 1 404 4000 and an advisor would be happy to help. 

You should also be able to use your visa debit card while you're in the UK and wouldn't need to provide any travel notice prior to your trip. If your card is flagged with our Card Security Team due to suspicious activity you should receive a text asking you to confirm a transaction on your card and you'd need to follow the instructions provided and reply Yes or No. You can also contact this team from abroad on 00353 56775 7007 and one of my colleagues would be able to assist you with your card. 

I hope that this information helps. If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to get back in touch with us here and we'd be happy to help as best as we can. 

I hope you have a safe trip. Thanks, Eve 
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