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New Customer Question

08.05.2021 13:45 #1
Registered User

I am about to start renting a house. 

The house has a smart meter. The prior tenant did not have a smart meter package. He had a standard package but had a smart meter. I assume that means that I can sign up to a non-smart meter package too? 

Secondly, the prior tenant was with Electric Ireland. Can I still get the welcome bonus even if the prior tenant got the bonus too? 

10.05.2021 08:40 #2
Hi Szero, 

Thank you for your interest in Electric Ireland. 

You can sign up to a non-smart meter plan if you wish. All plans are available here

As a new customer, you would be able to avail of a welcome bonus also.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Kind regards, 
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