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Mortgages phone lines - does anyone actually man them

29.04.2021 18:17 #1
Registered User
I have been trying to get through to your mortgage dept to get a redemption figure for the last 2 days. I have had to hang up on numerous occasions after at least 30mins.

It's an absolute bloody disgrace. Does anyone actually work there anymore or are all your customers all on complaining !
30.04.2021 09:28 #2
Hi there, 

Thanks for getting in touch with us here.

We're sorry to hear of the difficulties trying to reach a Mortgage Advisor to help with the redemption figure. 

If you could give a call this morning on 01 6113333 option 2 then 3, a colleague will certainly help you with this. We have checked the phone lines, at the moment there is little or no wait time on the line. 

Hoping the above helps, 

Many thanks
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