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missing payment

27.04.2021 15:03 #1
I made a payment to Electric Ireland through my AnPost account on 15th March.  I have provided proof of this by screenshots showing money going out of my account, you bank details as set up on my account and also a letter from AnPost confirming the payment was made to you and never returned.  Despite all this, I just receive generic responses saying nothing they can do.  This isn't good enough and not a great way to treat your customers, especially one like me who is 90 years of age. I would like this dealt with a supervisor who actually cares.
27.04.2021 16:41 #2
Hi reidkkkkkkkk,

We are sorry to read this.

Can you please send us a private message with your account number, address, full name, and telephone number? Please also confirm if you are the account holder. We can then look into this for you.

Kind regards,
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