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Meter location

27.04.2021 13:01 #1
Hi there,

I have a leak on the supply to my house.   I contacted your help dept who informed me until I can locate my meter I cant report the leak.  The leak is visible on my driveway from a valve point 2 feet down a shaft and is fairly significant.  I was told the water meter location is north of my property and that a tech would be sent out to locate it but that could be several weeks from now.  
I spoke to the previous owner (we only moved in a month ago) who the only place she knows to isolate the water is where the leak is coming from.

Can you guys provide a map with teh meter location on it so I can at least start the process of if Im eligible for the first leak fix free scheme.  Its madness having to wait months for someone to locate the meter when I could do it if I knew where to look.
27.04.2021 15:24 #2
Hi mikerd4,

Thank you for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear this.

Would you mind sending us a PM with the following details and we can look into this for you?

- Your full name;
- Your full address; &
- Your contact number

Thanks in advance,
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