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18.04.2021 20:56 #1
Registered User
Has it been down all weekend? Cant get logged in, cant reset password, need to be able to view bill before paying and it wont work.
18.04.2021 22:59 #2
I've been trying it all weekend too with no joy. I even tried logging in using different devices but it didn't make a difference. It must be down for everyone so.
19.04.2021 20:01 #3
Also can't log in to give a meter. What gives? How can they not be aware of this after so long?
19.04.2021 23:55 #4
Registered User
Been down since day my last bill issued - can't check it.
Sent Email - automatic reply saying "inundated with Mail" and will get back.
20.04.2021 15:31 #5
Hi all,

Sorry about the inconvenience. The outage is being worked on, and may be restored for some of you - can you access online billing now?

23.04.2021 18:28 #6
Registered User
Same here all week, only worked today, this seems to be an on going problem over the last few months and I'm really sick of it now.
26.04.2021 09:29 #7
Hi danjo-xx, 

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. 

If there is anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards, 
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