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Smart meter or move account?

12.04.2021 15:19 #1
Registered User
Hi, I own a Nissan Leaf for the last 2 yrs, I do not have a charger installed as I do not need one, also I have the old type meter, my bills have increased and I would like to reduce them but I don't want the expense of a night meter, I am considering moving my account to one of the cheaper suppliers shortly, but before doing so I was wondering if the newer smart meter would be an option to obtain a cheaper rate and if so, what would be the current charges for this?
12.04.2021 15:21 #2
Registered User
Smart meters are being installed free nationwide at the moment AFAIK. Mine went in about 2 months ago.

Got an email the other day from EI saying I can switch to a new tariff and that I can avail of free weekends or whatever - but as I'm likely moving in a few months and this will presumably entail a new contract, I'm not going to bother as my next place might or might not have the updated meter.
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12.04.2021 15:29 #3
Hi RichieO,

Thanks for getting in touch.

As per Kaiser, smart meters are being installed across the country, irrespective of the customer's billing company. The smart meters are being installed by ESB Networks (if you wish to check with them when yours will be installed, their dedicated Smart Meter queries telephone number is 1800 928 123).

Your bills will decrease soon because of reduced consumption, and to find out what could be offered to you for staying with Electric Ireland, contact the sales team for existing customers on freephone 1800 372 333.

Kind regards,
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