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Esb smart meter

09.04.2021 19:51 #1

I Moved into a new build last year and last week got an email to say my smart meter is now active. I didn't know I had a smart meter, I didn't get an option to opt out of having a smart meter. For many reasons I don't want a smart meter. How do I go about getting the smart meter removed and an ordinary meter installed? I have emailed them.. No reply. Many thanks
09.04.2021 20:10 #2
As the smart meter is the new norm and all existing meters are being replaced across the country with smart meter I don't think removing will be an option. 
09.04.2021 22:50 #3
Thank you for your reply. I know of customers who were written to by electric Ireland and were able to opt out of having a smart meter installed, we unfortunately did not receive any correspondence.
12.04.2021 09:40 #4
Hi Annie,

Just contact ESB Networks on their dedicated Smart Meters telephone line, 1800 928 123.

Which email address did you send your query to?

1 thank
23.04.2021 23:13 #5
Hi Una,

I have been calling this number since 12th April, speaking to 5 different people and was told that my request to have the smart meter removed from my property had been passed to my local office.
A guy named Paul who is a supervisor in the Cork office smart metering team who I spoke to on 22nd April was to call me back, I received no call back, I rang twice again on 22nd and 23rd of April and he is not returning my calls. I submitted a complaint to esb networks complaint email on 21st, this has not been acknowledged either. Do you know if there is going to be a problem here? I know that the old analogue meters are still in use as some new builds tariffs/a2w etc are not suitable for smart metering. Where should I go from here, 2 weeks trying to get an update. Thank you
Last edited by Annie20: 25.04.2021 at 08:49.
26.04.2021 09:33 #6
Hi there, 

We regret any inconvenience. 

As this is being dealt with by ESB Networks, we don't have any information. You will need to discuss this directly with them. 

Kind regards, 
26.04.2021 09:34 #7
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