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Credit card-keeping it open

07.04.2021 09:43 #1
Raising temperatures
I'm not using my BoI credit card at the moment and intend to keep its use to a minimum
But I obviously want to keep the card for whenever its needed
I've a €30 credit balance in it ie I owe nothing on the card and lodged €30 to cover its annual tax charge
Is that enough and when does it come out

Is there a danger if I'm not currently using the card that it will be closed or its credit limit removed
Its only really used for holidays and emergencies anyway but I'd really like to keep it
Will the odd cash lodgement to it now and again suffice? Once a year or whats the story,if I don't need to use it otherwise in the meantime? Or is there any rule on this at all and I needn't be worrying about it?
I'm just using my normal BoI debit card for everything else

Thank you
07.04.2021 10:36 #2
Hi AuntySnow,

You can certainly continue to keep your credit card, and only use it when you need to or in case of emergencies. The €30 government stamp duty would be charged annually in April. This can be paid in cash at an lodgement machine, by bank transfer or by direct debit. We hope this helps.

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