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check my consume real time

06.04.2021 11:49 #1
hello, I would like to check my consume every week, do you think that is possible? I would like to check the account using the app, but I dont know what
06.04.2021 16:08 #2
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting in touch. 

Do you have the new smart meter or a regular meter installed?

Kind regards, 
07.04.2021 06:18 #3
Hello, sorry for the delay in replying. I have the normal one. Is it possible to check with that?
07.04.2021 09:04 #4
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting back to us. 

This is not possible as an up-to-date meter reading is required in order to keep track of usage. 

You can work this out yourself by taking regular readings and using your bill to calculate what it would be.

ESB Networks are currently upgrading all meters to smart meters. Once you have one installed, you can opt for one of Electric Ireland's smart meter price plans. You can find more information here.

Kind regards, 
08.04.2021 09:19 #5
Thank you for your answer. I have rented an apartment. So it is not mine, what happen if I buy a smart meter and then move out, can I keep it?
08.04.2021 10:09 #6
Hi Julia,

The smart meters are being installed to replace the existing ESB Networks meters, which are part of the property.

Kind regards,
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