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Nest Warranty

28.03.2021 10:08 #1
Good Morning,

I was a customer of yours up until December 2020. I joined in May 2019 and got the Nest Thermostat included. However, the heat link has just broken. Google said they'll replace it free of charge as it's within its 2 year warranty. My issue is that I got it through you, so I don't have a shop receipt; I just know it was installed at the end of May 2019 but Google needs an invoice or receipt just to show them to confirm the date, which I don't have. Without this, I'll have to buy a whole new Nest Thermostat, which I don't need. I only need the Heat Link.

I've emailed the homeservices email dept. too, just to try and find a solution quicker. But I can PM you my old account number for any additional help.

Thank you.
29.03.2021 09:34 #2
Hi Ukelele,

It is just Home Services who can assist with your query - they are the dedicated team for such matters.

The fastest way to get through to them is by freephone 1800 372 333. Their telephone lines are open until 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Kind regards,
29.03.2021 09:36 #3
This is the 3rd Heatlink that I know of that has died in the past few weeks - all 3 of them through Electric Ireland.
29.03.2021 10:43 #4
Originally posted by Jeremy Beagle
This is the 3rd Heatlink that I know of that has died in the past few weeks - all 3 of them through Electric Ireland.

When I went into Google's support pages, there's a LOAD in the past 48 hours alone. I'd say it's a bad batch because according to their support pages, they all seem to die at a certain time. I don't think it's anything to do with Electric Ireland in fairness

And I've just been onto Home Services and they're sending me the invoice so I can claim off the warranty
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13.05.2021 16:28 #5
Both of my Nests died as well. One 4 days ago and the other today. Literally got them in April 2019 and they died now 2 years later. 

Of course Google support can't do anything and you can't buy heat links separately
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