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Last Week's Top Five Queries (22.02.2021 - 28.02.2021)

04.03.2021 11:33 #1
1. There has been constant works on the strip of road, can you please advise what works are carried out?

Would you mind sending further details in relation to this via PM and we can set up a query if required on your behalf?
Can you also please include the following details:

- Name;
- Address; and
- Contact number

2. Do Irish Water have any typical ppm figures for Calcium and Magnesium in our South Dublin Drinking water?

Calcium and Magnesium are not parameters listed in the Drinking Water Regulations and are therefore not tested as part of regulatory sampling requirements.

If you would like to get your water tested privately, you can find a list of accredited testing facilities on

3. I’m unable to locate my outside stop valve, can you help?

Please send a PM with the following details and we can investigate:

- Name;
- Address; and
- Contact number.

4. I wish to extend my house, however, there is a manhole in the back garden, can I move this?

As Irish Water are only responsible for the mains sewers on the public road, you will need to apply for planning permission to carry out works on the private sewer pipes in your garden. Further information on pipe responsibility can be found here.

5. I am in the process of demolishing a house that has a current water supply. I will be rebuilding a replacement house on the same site, I am wondering do I just connect the new house on to the existing connection of the house that will be demolished.

All new or modified connections will need approval from Irish Water. Please submit a connection application form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with any modifications needed.
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