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Name change on account

03.03.2021 16:36 #1
Registered User
My Dad passed a few months ago and account is still in his name. Ive lived with him for years and paid the bill and wish to get name changed. From searching here I believe the account cannot just be renamed but a new account must be opened and old one closed.

If this is correct does that mean when I open a new account that I am tied into a 12mth contract and cannot change supplier without penalty even though Electric Ireland has been the only provider sine house was built.

03.03.2021 16:51 #2
Verified representative
Hi tb66,

We are very sorry to read of your loss.

No, it is not necessary for anyone to commit to a contract if they open a new account - and they will still receive a discount for paying by direct debit (to avail of free credit for a new account, the contract is required). If a new account does not have direct debit on it though, the security deposit will automatically be charged. However, in your situation, the security deposit can be waived, should you wish not to set up direct debit.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

Kind regards,
03.03.2021 19:03 #3
Registered User
Thanks Una.
Could you please tell me the phone number I need to call to get this sorted.

04.03.2021 10:24 #4
Verified representative
Hi tb66,

To open an Electric Ireland account in your name with direct debit, telephone Customer Service on freephone 1800 372 372 with the MPRN and a meter-reading.

To open an account in your name without direct debit and have the security deposit removed, private message us here the MPRN, meter-reading, address, your name, telephone number and date of birth.

Kind regards,
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