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Website down aagain?

18.02.2021 15:30 #1
Registered User
2nd time in a week I can't logon to my account. Whats going on folks.
18.02.2021 16:18 #2
Verified representative
Hi danjo-xx,

The Electric Ireland website is undergoing essential maintenance. Sorry about the delay.

If there is an account query that we can assist you with, do private message this to us along with the name, address, telephone number and date of birth on the Electric Ireland account, stating that you are the account-holder.

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19.02.2021 10:46 #3
Yeah, it's ridiculous, this has been goin on over a week now. Have been in communication with them, can't even send a paper bill, just an email with no details. Can't send it as a PDF either.

Although fair play to the lads on here, they did update my reading usage via a PM and an updated total was issued by email.

But would have liked to see what they were estimating it at versus actual reading taken.

It's must be a bad IT system setup for a National Energy supplier to take over a week to fix their account access.
1 thank
19.02.2021 10:53 #4
Verified representative

The website is back in operation. The maintenance commenced last Friday evening - it was an essential upgrade, but sorry about the delay.

A request for a one-off emailed or posted bill has to be sent to another department, which would take a number of days as query volumes are high.

We do not recommend going by the ESB Networks estimate calculation, only the accurate reading. There are more estimations than usual in recent times due to the public health restrictions limiting visits to properties by ESB Networks meter-readers, however these can be amended by a customer reading.

If you have further questions, do let us know.

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