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Feb Bill

11.02.2021 12:40 #1
Folks, is there a delay with the Feb bills?
11.02.2021 12:53 #2
Verified representative
Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes there is unfortunately - we regret the inconvenience.

At present, ESB Networks have to calculate estimates because of being unable to read a large number of meters (due to the current public health related restrictions) and this is what is causing the delay.

Your bill will issue as soon as possible, and payment will be due as standard - two weeks after the bill's date of issue. If it is estimated, and there is a significant difference between the estimate and reading on the meter, do send us a meter-reading here by private message to correct it.

If you receive bills by post, we can check the account by private message to see whether the bill has issued. If you receive bills online, you will receive an email notification as soon as the bill issues.

Kind regards,
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