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Shoutout to Padraig at Blacknight... :-)

10.02.2021 06:29 #1
This isn't a question. 

But I'd just like to especially thank Padraig at blacknight for going above and beyond the call of duty and helping debug a database error I was having.

At the time I was a relatively new blacknight customer and wasn't being charged a whole lot for hosting. So Padraig taking the time to help with my WordPress database/admin login issue was sincerely appreciated.

This was some months back. And I've been looking for a chance to express my gratitude. Padraig even joined my slack channel for a time so he could interface with some of my devs and with me.

I'd just like to heartily recommend blacknight to anyone thinking of setting up a website going forward. I'm also very happy with their web server response time. Even on their shared server packages. Their time-to-first-byte is industry leading amongst the Irish web hosts in my opinion.

Thanks guys :-)
10.02.2021 10:45 #2
Thanks for sharing such positive feedback. I've let him know :)

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