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Compulsory to register with Electric Ireland?

08.02.2021 16:12 #1
Hi, I received a letter from yourselves after moving into my new home, which states that if I wish to avoid
being disconnected, I must register with you. I don’t understand this, as I already have a service provider and didn’t realise that I must also register with electric Ireland. Can you please tell me the reason for this, as I have never been told to register with you before and can’t find anything on citizens information that confirms it. I’m obviously concerned that I could be disconnected and my family end up cold over this cold period.
08.02.2021 16:17 #2
Verified representative
Hi Bobson,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This means that Electric Ireland was the provider before you moved in, so a default letter went out after the property became vacant - however if you switched to another provider when you moved in, then it's just a communication crossover.

We can check that the property is switched away from Electric Ireland if you private message us the MPRN and address.

Thanks again,
09.02.2021 10:11 #3
 I really don’t appreciate that your default marketing letter was designed to scare me into signing up to your services. It clearly states that I need to register with electric Ireland to avoid being disconnected and that I’ll have to pay a minimum fee of €70 to get put back on. That’s a really shameful tactic and targets the most vulnerable of people who don’t understand that they can choose to go with any company they like. These are generally the people who have less money and would benefit from shopping around. 
09.02.2021 10:19 #4
Verified representative
Hi Bobson,

Sorry about this. It only occurs if the property is vacant but electricity is being supplied. It serves as a reminder in cases when there are new occupants who forget to register when they move in. It is a standard letter for any company that is supplying energy to the property. There is a certain point where registration would have to be with them if they have been supplying the property with energy for some time (but the customer could just register for that period of time, and then switch).

If you wish to ensure that your registration with the other company is complete, either message us those details to see whether the property's energy is now no longer being supplied by Electric Ireland, or just check with your own company that your switch is fully processed.

Kind regards,
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