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New Account Setup

01.02.2021 15:31 #1
Moving into a property soon, I will be taking over the electric Ireland account from the previous occupant, I want to get the account into my name.

Is it a simple case of signing up via your website with the MPRN number from the property ? This will then close the account of the previous occupant to that address and create a new account in my name tied to the property ?

I have not been a customer of Electric Ireland before and will pay my bills by direct debit, if I sign up as a new customer transferring the account into my name, do I get the new customers offer ? Also, when I sign up to Electric Ireland am I tied into a contract and if so ,how long for ?

Thank you
01.02.2021 15:43 #2
Verified representative
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your interest in Electric Ireland.

Yes, you would be opening a new account, with a different account number, and this would be for usage and charges commencing from your opening meter-reading/date. If the previous account-holder has not closed their account, yes, this will automatically close it (although if they receive bills by post, their final bill will go to your address if there is no forwarding address for them on the system - if you might be able to forward the closing bill to them, or pass to the property owner/agency for forwarding to them).

You can open your account with the MPRN, meter-reading and your bank details here for the new customer offer. A 12-month contract applies. This offer is available until 28th February.

If you cannot commit to a 12-month contract, you would not receive the €265 credit, however you will still receive a 5% discount off the units used on every bill. To set up an account not committing to a contract, telephone Electric Ireland Customer Service with those same details, on freephone 1800 372 372.

Let us know if you have further questions before proceeding.

Kind regards,
01.02.2021 16:06 #3
Thanks Una for the reply, I will sign up online and close out the bill payment from the previous occupant when the bill arrives.

The €265 euro credit, how is the applied to my new account ?

01.02.2021 16:16 #4
Verified representative
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your post.

€265 credit will be "paid" into your account at the start, pre-paying €265 worth of billing, so you won't actually be charged for a bill until the credit runs out.

The previous occupant may already have closed their account, but if they haven't, their bill may arrive at your home, however, not if they receive their bills online. If their final bill is posted though, you will not be liable for it - it will be for usage and charges up to before you registered, so just forward the bill to them or another relevant party if you can.

Kind regards,
04.02.2021 09:18 #5
Hi Una

I have another question please, I am going to sign up on the website and it is telling me I need the 5 digit electricity meter reading.

On the property I am moving into , it has one of the newly installed smart meters which does not have 5 digits displaying.

Will the website recognise the shorter readings from the smart meter in the sign up process ?

Thanks again for your help.
04.02.2021 12:24 #6
Hi andrew1977,

Thank you for getting back to us. 

You can put zeros in front of the reading. For example, if your meter reading is 77, you could type 00077.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Kind regards, 
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