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New year, new plan. Your digital business strategy for 2021

15.01.2021 07:10 #1

It’s clear that an effective online strategy is an essential requirement for a business in 2021. No matter how advanced your online abilities were 12 months ago, everyone has had to discard their 2020 playbooks. As a new year begins, it’s time to take concrete steps to secure your business and follow your customers online.

Our message is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Small steps can offer huge gains, and further refinements build incrementally to a successful digital business. Let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

Part 1 of our digital roadmap begins with a domain name, hosting, ecommerce and branding.

Part 2 will be published on 21 January, covering remote working and collaboration tools, including Microsoft 365.

Part 3 will follow on 4 February. This will focus on your IT infrastructure, and the benefits of colocation and connectivity offered by Blacknight's data centres.

For more information, visit
20.01.2021 12:30 #2
Update: Part 2 of the Digital Business Strategy for 2021 has been rescheduled for 4 February.

Part 3 will follow on 11 February.
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