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Does the day/night meter switch in sync with the off-peak signal?

06.01.2021 16:08 #1
I've been measuring the off-peak signal (that 230V line coming from the timeswitch used to turn on storage heaters) and found out it's turning on around 10pm and off at 6:30am now in winter. EI specifically states off-peak is from 11pm to 8am.

My question is: what's the relation between the time the meters switch from day to night and this off-peak signal? Are they totally independent or the off-peak signal represents the time the meters switch from one to another? If they are interconnected, it means my off-peak is ending sooner than I expect, and I might be paying day rates in that last portion...

I've tried to search for this everywhere and never found a concrete answer. I even downloaded ESB installation manuals but it's still not clear to me.
07.01.2021 15:28 #2
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting in touch.

Do you have one meter or two meters? 

If Electric Ireland is your supplier and you think that the time clock is not at the right time, please call our colleagues on 1850 372 372 for an appointment for a time switch fault. Electric Ireland will then ask ESB Networks to send out one of their technicians. 

ESB Networks maintain the electricity network for all suppliers including Electric Ireland. If you are with a different provider, you will need to contact them directly regarding their process. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Kind regards, 
07.01.2021 15:34 #3
Registered User
Check your fuse box and see if has adjustable dials with Night and Day written on them. Make sure they are set to zero.
13.01.2021 17:06 #4
Hi Aoife,

Thanks for your message.

Electric Ireland is my supplier and I have day and night meters - however I don't have access to the ESB panel as it's a large apartment complex. I assume they are the 2 in 1 type...
I don't mind if the off peak times drifted a little bit, I can adjust to this no problem. I'm just looking for a way to know exactly what are my off peak hours.

I've mentioned I can measure the off peak signal that turns on my storage heaters. To rephrase my question, is this timeswitch which sends me this signal the same responsible for kicking in the night meter unit?

Thank you
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14.01.2021 12:05 #5
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting back to us.  

We recommend ringing our colleagues on 1800 372 372 or (1850 372 372) as they will be better able to advise you.

As you're in an apartment block, it is likely that the time switch controls several apartments, so it is worth asking the management company or caretaker to check the time on the clock.

Kind regards, 

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