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Door to door calls

22.12.2020 17:55 #1
Registered User

Could you confirm if Electric Ireland have a current policy of reps calling door to door..?

The reason I ask is I have had a very persistent rep from electric Ireland calling around our estate the last two weeks.

I have avoided answering the door due to the current climate. During a work call today, I answered due to persistent banging on the door.

When I answered I couldn't believe it was someone trying to recruit business for electric Ireland.

I don't think it's acceptable policy to be sending door to door callers at the moment. If I want to change, I will not be doing it at the front door, especially in the middle of a pandemic. This guy was walking a thin line with me to be honest, i was fuming with the number of times he called.
23.12.2020 09:53 #2
Verified representative
Hi UsBus,

Sorry to read it.

There are door to door reps working at present, since the level 5 restrictions ended. They are working in line with the social distancing and sanitisation guidelines.

We will advise the sales department though of your unhappiness regarding your experience, if you private message us your name and address.

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