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Exit fee charged in error

01.12.2020 07:34 #1
Registered User
Hi.  I just received my final bill and I have been charged an exit fee even though I switched after my contract ended.  Can someone get that removed for me please? Thanks.
01.12.2020 08:35 #2
Hi Frank, 

We regret to read this. 

Please send us a private message with the following information: 

- Your name as it appears on your Electric Ireland account
- Your account number
- The first line of your address
- Your contact number
- Confirmation that you are the account holder (Yes/No)

Kind regards,
01.12.2020 08:40 #3
Registered User
Thanks Aoife, PM sent.
1 thank
01.12.2020 12:05 #4
Registered User
Thanks for getting that sorted out for me Aoife.
01.12.2020 13:02 #5
Hi Frank,

You're very welcome. 

If you have any other questions, we would be happy to help.

Kind regards, 
01.12.2020 15:37 #6
Registered User
Hi. I just have one other question, I sent it via PM earlier. Thanks.
02.12.2020 08:33 #7
Hi Frank, 

Thank you for that. 

We will answer you shortly. 

Kind regards, 
02.12.2020 08:35 #8
Registered User
Thanks Aoife.
1 thank
09.12.2020 21:05 #9
Please Aofie & all at electric IReland... my electricity is due to be cut off tomorrow 10th December,,

Thing is, Im a new tenant in this house, a house that had electric ireland beforehand, I switched to Energia & they must not have informed Electric Ireland yet as They dont seem to have registered me as  an Energia customer yet...

I dont understand as I gave my DD card details and the latest reading & the MPRN number and still have not received the postage they said they would send out some 9 or 10 days ago 

Im in Limbo & NEED to sort this now TONIGHT (Wed 9th Dec) before they turn it off tomorrow

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