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Last Week's Top Five Queries (23.11.2020 - 29.11.2020

30.11.2020 15:27 #1
1. There is a sewer leaking in my estate, can this please be investigated?

Please send us a PM with the following details and we will have this matter promptly investigated:

- The exact location of this leak; and
- Approximate time this is ongoing.

If you would like to be kept updated on this investigation, please also include the following details in your PM:

- Your name; and
- Your contact number

2. I would like an update on my New Connection Application. Can you help? 

Would you mind sending the following details via PM and we can look into this:
- Name;
- Address;
- Application reference number; and
- Contact number.

3. I have been experiencing lots of disruptions to my supply recently and would like to know more about Irish Water’s plans for network improvements. Can you help? 

We are very sorry to hear that there are regular supply disruptions in your area. Could you PM us with the following information and we can look into this further for you:

- Full name;
- Contact number; and
- Full address including the Eircode and County?
You can also see a list of our upcoming project and plans to upgrade the infrastructure here.

4. I am looking for maps of the network. Can you help? 

We recommend contacting the Planning Department of your Local Authority. They should be able to provide you with these maps.

5. I have a leak on my private property and also have lead pipes in my home, what should I do?

Irish Water are responsible for maintaining the public water and wastewater network. As the leak is on private property, this would be the homeowners responsibility to have repaired. You may be eligible for a free repair under our First Fix scheme. To see if your property meets the eligibility criteria for this scheme, please see this link. If your situation does not meet these criteria, we recommend that you contact a registered plumber to repair this.

If you have lead pipework within your home, the recommendation from the Health Service Executive is to have these replaced. Please see here for more information.
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