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Removal of pre pay gas meter

30.11.2020 11:12 #1
Registered User

I am an EI customer for both gas and electricity. I wish to switch provider and get the pre pay meter removed.

30.11.2020 11:35 #2
Verified representative
Hi Cork Trucker,

Just switch directly to the provider of your choice - they will advise Electric Ireland, which will issue you with closing statements when the switch is completed.

Just to advise: there is a fee of €195 for exchanging of a PAYG gas meter to a credit meter. This applies no matter which billing company the customer is registered with, as it is payable for works carried out by Gas Networks Ireland.

We hope you return to Electric Ireland in the future. If you have a closing statement query, contact us here for bill-pay, and contact Customer Service on 1850 372 372 for PAYG.

Kind regards,
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